About Black'N'Deather

Black'N'Deather is a live metal broadcast, with my humble self, ie. DJ Herr Ginsterbusch, with main focus on Black, Viking and Pagan Metal. It started out at Brutal Existence Radio, where it was being streamed live starting February 2010. Next on, it moved to www.gruftiradio.de, which sadly had to close down in July 2017 thanks to too high monthly costs (mostly German licensing issues; fuck you very much GEMA & GVL!).

From mid of July till aprox September 2017, the show was being broadcasted live at RadioRock-FM.de; still on Thursday, still from 3 - 7 pm EST / 21:00 - 01:00h CET, too.

After that, I moved the show over to Metal Devastation Radio, and also changing BOTH the day AND the duration at the same time; till then, it was always on Thursday, no matter what. Now its moved to Wednesday, 4 - 6 pm / 22 - 24h CET; essentially to the same time when my personal favorite show, House of Pain, at FM4, has been regularly broadcasted for the last 20 years or so. It still is, but thanks to being a pre-recorded show, I dont miss out much.


There is a small collection of playlists available on the old page (which is actually a simple namespace in my Wiki). Whenever people request it, I try to add them later on, after the show is done, reencoded and uploaded to MixCloud.

Technical procedures

The show is being broadcast with Internet DJ Console, an Open Source stream broadcasting tool, which has been working mostly satisfying and reliable since I started using it in January 2010. Consequently, all audio editing and mixes is done on Linux (Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Debian). Most of the shows are recorded (in FLAC), reencoded later the day or the day after (to Ogg Vorbis format), and then uploaded to Mixcloud.

About DJ Herr Ginsterbusch

Me, that is DJ Herr Ginsterbusch, have been around the web radio "scene" since approx. 2001.
At some point, I had an own, but short-lived web radio station; around 2005 I took a break from DJing, thanks to live, work et all. After moving away from Karlsruhe / Germany to a small town called Uffenheim in Middle Franconia, Germany in mid 2009, my fingers were itching to recuperate my passion for live DJing on the web.

Around early 2010, I set out to find a station which would have me; which turned out to be Brutal Existence Radio. My pseudonym had been ginsterbusch since early 2003 (I myself am around the net since approx. 1996, which includes the non-graphical internet). Thanks to a slight misunderstanding of one DJ, who thought that "Herr" was an actual German name (like "Hermann"), I was presented as "DJ Herr Ginsterbusch". In retrospect I'm certain the station owner meant it as a joke, because "Herr" is just the formal designation of a male adult person in Germany (ie. "Mister" / Mr); I still decided to keep the "Herr" prefix though, because I thought it was adding a nice touch to my DJ alter ego :)