Black'N'Deather - live webradio broadcast at Brutal Existence Radio with Herr Ginsterbusch, each Thursday, 2:30 - 7pm EST / 20:30 - 01:00 o'clock CET. Mainly played genres are Black, Pagan, Viking, Folk and Celtic Metal. And YES, I am taking requests.

22.12.2015: Special "Christmess Eve" Edition

In Germany, they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, ie. the afternoon or evening of the 24th of Decembre. Thus, we gonna have a happy bonfire going ;)

Starting first at with a strong>Bloody Rumbustion, at 19:00 o'clock CET / 1 pm EST, and then carrying the fire onwards to Brutal Existence Radio at 20:30 o'clock CET / 2:30 pm, finishing up till all is down to glowing embers around 01:00 o'clock CET = 7 pm EST.

19.02.2015: 5th Year Anniversary: Top 150

Top 150 of all songs played over the course of the last 5 years: Summoning, Excrementory Grindfuckers, Immortal, Eisregen, Beherit, Bathory, Helrunar, Imperium ... Read more ...

23.10.2014: Time changes ..

Changes in the schedule - and timezone changes ahead (again): #1: Since last thursday (16th of October 2014), the show starts at 2:30 pm and runs through till 7pm EST. ... Read more ...